The Seven Greatest Benefits for your Child

  1. Early musical training helps children’s cognitive and physical development in ways unparalleled. Studies show that learning music helps develop the left side of the brain – the side that is associated with language and reasoning.
  2. Music students learn to think creatively and find innovative solutions to problems. Problems in music do not have but a single solution. Students learn to solve problems using various solutions.
  3. Working with the teacher and other students music is an excellent tool for teaching your child teamwork skills
  4. Music promotes a culture of self-expression. Your child will develop confidence and become comfortable with expressing their emotions. Children who struggle with speaking out in class or making friends in school often benefit greatly from their music education.
  5. Learning an instrument focuses on actually doing a task rather than reading about it in a text book or watching others perform it. It teaches students how to juggle all sorts of tasks at once and be a multi-dimensional thinker. These skills go a long way when your child becomes an adult and enters the workforce.
  6. Studies show that students who take private music lessons score higher grades in school testing.
  7. Performing on a musical instrument will teach your child to be fearless of taking risks that we all must take in life. Learning to deal with anxiety early in life will help your child develop into a grounded and strong individual.

Music education is a gift that will help them develop into a strong individual. This gift can be passed on for generations to come. Register now and reserve a spot for your student.



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